3D Printing Filament Manufacturer

Suzhou Ignite Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Ignite Material is a 3D printing filament enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales.

Ignite Material has rich production experience of printing filaments. Ignite Material has successfully developed PLA filament, PETG filament, TPU filament etc., which are suitable for the mainstream 3d printers in the market, and widely used in education, art, industry, architecture, medical and other fields.

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3D Printing Filament Manufacturer
ignite culture

Value first, benefit sharing

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Core Cechnology

Inherited from the rigorous and scientific industrial spirit of China's manufacturing industry.

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Adhere to Innovation

Adhere to the development path of combining independent innovation with international cooperation.

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Global layout

Global distribution, to provide better products and services for customers around the world.

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Serve the World

24-hour online response to customer inquiries, so that customers enjoy the first time intimate service.


Ignite Material Always Serve Attentively More standardized, more professional, more systematic 3D printing supplies supply platform. This is the wish of all customers. It is also the direction of our efforts. Ignite are willing to provide you with convenient, effective and satisfactory service with every sincere effort. Ignite are committed to constantly improving and surpassing ourselves.


Scientific industrial layout The application of modern industrial layout concept, office service center, production and manufacturing center, technology research and development center, logistics and transportation center, scientific layout, complete functions. The office environment is simple and orderly. The office area, rest area, reception area, exhibition area and other areas are reasonably arranged and orderly, creating a harmonious and relaxed working environment.


Advanced production equipment Introduce the international advanced 3D printing consumables production technology and production process and scientific management system, and simultaneously adopt the latest international advanced technology. Through the industry-leading information resource platform, we constantly improve the procurement supply chain, integrate the lean manufacturing mode, and provide strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products.


Seiko manufacturing

Smart factory. Reliable quality

Ignite believes in the power of science and technology, and strives to build a leading production factory in the industry. From the plant planning, equipment introduction, operation and production of each link.